Friday, 16 September 2016

Top Freelancing Platforms for Pakistanis to Earn Online

Internet is full of knowledge and surprises. Pakistan is a nation who few years ago don't have a 3G/4G Cellular network in the country, but was still ranking top in the freelancing nation list of countries. Now things have changed we have 3G/4G in pakistan, and the opportunities are endless. Anyone can bank now, even if they are sitting somewhere far away in some rural area with less facilities. I personally know few guys in pakistan who are working from small villages, using laptop and 3G/4G internet devices and earning a decent amount every month.

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How Pakistan Youth Can Earn Online

When it comes to earning online, there are lot of opportunities, probably you guys heard of Google adsense, affiliate marketing, freelancing (what our topic is about), online promotions, providing services and such, we will talk about the best freelancing platform for pakistan youth to use and earn a decent income online. for Pakistani Freelancer

Anyone from pakistan, who want to earn online and didn't tried their luck on fiverr, i will say now is the time, create a decent profile their, attract clients by giving them the best, don't think about money in the start and go for it. The best thing about fiverr is still their is some low competition than other websites i.e., etc for Pakistani Freelancer

Previously known as UpWork is freshly launched and you can try your luck their to start earning online. Always make sure that you complete your profile after creating a account on the platform, search for gigs/jobs in your selected niche, and select and bid for those you are confident that you can 100% do. for Pakistani Freelancer

Freelancer somewhat has same functionality as upwork, you can create your profile and bid on the offered projects by employers and contractors. Work your way up in the ranks and become a top freelancer to get recognition. you can also take courses, which will help you build up your profile and show that you are good at something, some courses are free to take, some are paid. make sure you take the one's which directly reflect your profile and what you do. i.e. if you offering seo services, you can take courses of SEO. for Pakistani Freelancer

Create your profile, verify your account with phone number and dive into the world of freelancing and earning money online in pakistan using guru dot com. The platform is good for freelancer who are just starting new and don't want lot of competition in their niche.

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