Sunday, 4 June 2017

Freelance Complete Training in Urdu Pakistan

There are plenty of freelance websites which you can use to earn money online in pakistan. The one thing which is really important for online earning is the basic understanding of english language. Atleast you should read and understand it a little bit. If you can't read, write or understand english language, now is the time to learn it. Invest your time and dedicate yourself, youtube and internet is full of free tutorials and activities.

In recent days i receive numerous questions from visitors and fb fans about how to learn freelance complete training in urdu.

Before going for freelance tutorial in urdu, lets see some big websites famous for freelancing in pakistan.

Freelance guide in urdu website list:

freelance website pakistan

Many pakistani are millionaires now because of these website and earning thousands of $ dollars daily/monthly to live a comfortable life.

Now lets learn freelance training in urdu.

freelance guide in urdu

Comment your questions, i will be happy to answer any question you have regarding freelance guide in urdu.

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Receive a Wire Transfer in Local Bank Account Pakistan

One of the major hurdle or problem pakistani freelancer and internet entrepreneurs face, is the non-availability and support of Paypal, but it does not mean you have to lose hope and quit venturing in online world. Check my post on Payoneer Pakistan as well. The good news almost every freelancing and other earning platform in the world support wire transfer globally. Mean when you have no other option use "Wire Transfer" and the money you will withdraw will land directly into your local bank account.

Lot of freelancer, internet entrepreneurs get confused sometime, about the wire transfer requirements and such, and keep worrying about the fees and else. No Worries, wire transfer is one the safest and easiest way to receive your funds online.

What you will require to receive wire transfer in Pakistan.

1. Your IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
2. Your Complete Bank Name.
3. Your Complete Name on the Account.
4. Account Type (Current/Saving)
5. Your Complete Bank Address.
6. Swift Code.

All the above info, you can get by visiting your bank account and asking the representative about it. Also some banks provide a utility "IBAN Account Generator", which you can use to convert your conventional bank account number to a international bank account number.

Some of the good banks i will recommend for wire transfer payments in pakistan are:

1. Standard Chartered.
2. Bank Al-Habib.
3. Bank Al-Falah.

and almost all other's small and big banks in pakistan. Just be sure to provide the correct info when applying for wire transfer payment mode, because a minor error will delay the transfer and will kept you waiting.

Also if you have a Local Account it be default is a PKR Currency account, means when your dollars/euros and other currency will land in it, it will get converted to local rupees before deposited into your account. The currency exchange rate will be the one of that day when the money will arrive into your bank. So it sometime fluctuate but not that much and nothing you have to worry about.

If you want to receive dollars into your bank account in pakistan, you will need to open a foreign currency account in dollar, which have little strict requirements than a normal local bank account, but has its benefits as well.

That's all for now, drop a comment, if you have any questions, and i will reply, thanks

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Earn Online from Pakistan the Right Way

If you ask majority of people who use internet or people who use internet in pakistan but don't have any experience or know-how about earning online in pakistan, they will say or their answer will be  that you cannot earn online in pakistan and everything is fraud. Because they heard from somebody that how they were scammed after paying 500 Rupees investment to some kid, who was just fooling them by using a fake profile and pretending to be google or facebook employee, or they experience it first hand at some point.

Remember anyone asking for PKR 500 or any amount of investment to give you a 100 million dollar idea or work to start earning dollars online is fooling you. Please don't fall for this scam. Be smart.
online earn pakistan

And if somehow you fall for the scam and paid the amount, you will end up clicking ads, captcha submission (which will pay you $0000.3 for 100000 submissions), end up in pyramid/MLM schemes, selling manjan for somebody else on internet, or promoting links for a business on facebook or God know what else.

I will say, why not learn earning online yourself, why pay PKR 500/1000 to someone else, and get fooled/scammed. Internet is filled with knowledge, tutorials, tricks, tips, educational stuff, just google the stuff, look out for scam, know what you are doing, prepare a plan and go for it.

  1. If you want to start a website/blog, do it.
  2. If you want to do affiliate marketing go for it.
  3. If you want to create videos, upload it to youtube its free.
  4. If you want to teach skills to somebody, why not start it today.

Everything is available free on the internet, why ask somebody, when you have all knowledge in front of you in a platter.

just do it bro

Be Smart, Don't fall for Scams, and you will do it.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Top Freelancing Platforms for Pakistanis to Earn Online

Internet is full of knowledge and surprises. Pakistan is a nation who few years ago don't have a 3G/4G Cellular network in the country, but was still ranking top in the freelancing nation list of countries. Now things have changed we have 3G/4G in pakistan, and the opportunities are endless. Anyone can bank now, even if they are sitting somewhere far away in some rural area with less facilities. I personally know few guys in pakistan who are working from small villages, using laptop and 3G/4G internet devices and earning a decent amount every month.

earn money online pakistan

How Pakistan Youth Can Earn Online

When it comes to earning online, there are lot of opportunities, probably you guys heard of Google adsense, affiliate marketing, freelancing (what our topic is about), online promotions, providing services and such, we will talk about the best freelancing platform for pakistan youth to use and earn a decent income online. for Pakistani Freelancer

Anyone from pakistan, who want to earn online and didn't tried their luck on fiverr, i will say now is the time, create a decent profile their, attract clients by giving them the best, don't think about money in the start and go for it. The best thing about fiverr is still their is some low competition than other websites i.e., etc for Pakistani Freelancer

Previously known as UpWork is freshly launched and you can try your luck their to start earning online. Always make sure that you complete your profile after creating a account on the platform, search for gigs/jobs in your selected niche, and select and bid for those you are confident that you can 100% do. for Pakistani Freelancer

Freelancer somewhat has same functionality as upwork, you can create your profile and bid on the offered projects by employers and contractors. Work your way up in the ranks and become a top freelancer to get recognition. you can also take courses, which will help you build up your profile and show that you are good at something, some courses are free to take, some are paid. make sure you take the one's which directly reflect your profile and what you do. i.e. if you offering seo services, you can take courses of SEO. for Pakistani Freelancer

Create your profile, verify your account with phone number and dive into the world of freelancing and earning money online in pakistan using guru dot com. The platform is good for freelancer who are just starting new and don't want lot of competition in their niche.

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

How Pakistani Freelancer can ACE Fiverr

Almost all or 80 percent of individuals or companies involved and doing freelancing in or from pakistan know what FIVERR is and how they can earn dollars from it. Having said that it is very unfortunate to see that most of them fail on fiverr because, either they don't have the right skills, or they just think that fiverr is tree that have dollars hanging like mangoes from it.

pakistan fiverr money tree
Fiverr Money Tree

In reality just like any other freelancing platform (upwork, freelancer and such) their is tough competition of gigs and particulars gigs in  different niches. (writing, seo, video editing etc). And you need to be very good at what you do in order to succeed, or know some good tips to make your profile and gigs stand out from the crowd. The one suggestion i can give you is to always research your niche, see what other sellers are offering, their prices, the packages they are offering, come up with your unique gig, do not ripoff other people gigs and copy them, bring something new to the table and something cheaper than other sellers.

fiverr pakistan level 2 seller
Fiverr Pakistan Level 2 Seller

Pakistani Fiverr freelancer are already making name from them-self on the platform, as i can see some of them have very high and good ratings and clearly know's what they are doing.

Below i will give our pakistani fiverr freelancer and everyone who want to earn money using fiverr platform in general few tips and suggestions.

fiverr pakistan

Complete your Fiverr Pakistan Profile

Make sure once you register on fiverr, to verify your email, complete your profile, link your facebook and google+ accounts and everything, your complete profile show's buyer that you really care about freelancing and not just on the platform to grab few sales and earn quick money.

Research Your Gig on Fiverr

If you want to offer certain service on fiverr, it is good idea to first look and research, what other sellers are offering, their prices, how many revisions they are offering and such, once you do that you will be confident to know what more you can offer, or you can make the particular service/gig affordable and more interesting for the buyers.

Make Your Gig Title Interesting

When you are offering or selling something online in general it is very good idea, to write something that will really attract buyers and new clients. Fiverr Gig titles are of limited characters, it is always good idea to include your main keywords for example if the gig your offering is about "Writing Articles", than include the keyword "Article" in it, to make it more search engine and fiverr in-built search friendly,  and to attract clients write something that will generate their interest to view your gig details and click on it. for example "I will write super awesome 600 words article", the next imp thing is select the exact category which your gig belong too, wrong category will make it irrelevant and you will very unlikely to get any order from it, plus it may happen fiverr disable or make your gig inactive in long run. third imp thing is the tags, use the most relevant tags for your gig.

fiverr gig optimization pakistan

Fiverr Gig Images & Videos

It is very good idea to use more than one unique images to represent your gig and let buyers know what your gig is all about, if you know some adobe photoshop skills i will say go for it and create a unique image, that you can upload while creating your gig, or you can also ask for someone help friends, family member or anyone who can create the image for you, use more than one images, three in my opinion are good, also you can add a short video filming yourself and let your clients know who are you and what you can offer to them for that particular gig, make it interesting, i saw that gigs with videos on fiverr gain more orders than the gigs with images.

Focus More on Gig than Money

The most important part is client/buyer satisfaction, do whatever you can to make the client happy, do extra revisions, provide quality services, never beg for reviews, you can just mention it with when delivering the gig, just to client/buyer know, if he is new to fiverr than he can leave a review for your gig and rate it, but don't enforce your buyers to do it, they will do it anyway. You efforts and hardwork will speak for itself, and clients will be happy to leave a feedback on your gig.

Share your Fiverr Gig on Social Platforms

Whatever social platforms you are using and have a profile on (facebook, google plus, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc) share your gig on them, and let your circle know that you mean business and hopefully they can share it with their friends and eventually if it get shared too much, you can land a client for your gig using that tactic.



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